General informations

Welcome to You may find here informations about Solaris / OpenSolaris, a Scilab build for Solaris and my personal blog. Hopefully it will continue to grow in the future.

Jonathan Blanchard

Scilab 5.2 available at

I have been distributing an unofficial build of Scilab for a while now and It was rather more popular than I initially expected. Before going further, I would like to thank everyone who downloaded it. However, as of now, further versions will be available from Right now, the latest Scilab 5.2 is available for download, including a SPARC package!

New look and migration to Drupal

After a bit of inactivity I decided to switch to Drupal. Thanks to it's ease of use, it enables me to create content much faster than before, including a Weblog. You may read my first entry about VirtualBox, OpenMPI and Crossbow here.

Also stay tuned for a SPARC package of Scilab 5.1.1.

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