Scilab unofficial build for Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris

Note that a newer and better version of Scilab for Solaris is available from It's recommended to use that version since it is up to date and offered both for x64 and SPARC. It is not planned to update the distribution any further.

Important informations

Provided are experimental builds of Scilab for Solaris/OpenSolaris x86. These builds are unofficials which mean that they are not supported by the Scilab team. Download and use at your own risk. Bug, suggestions and usage questions should be forwarded to the main Scilab lists. However, bug and questions specific to this build can be sent directly to me at the address in the contact page.

The main Scilab website is located at :

Changes from the scilab-5.1-jblopen-r2 release

  • Updated to Scilab 5.1.1.

Build informations

These builds are done using gcc 4.3.3 using the built in blas from the scilab source distribution. For now, only the 32 bits version of Scilab is provided and they should work on recent version of OpenSolaris or SXCE and Solaris 10.

The following features are missing :

  • PVM Parallel Virtual Machine toolbox
  • Matio
  • UMFpack

Limitations :

  • 32 bits only
  • Sparc builds are not available

Installation instructions

The supplied bundle is self contained and should work without any external dependencies excepts what is generally included in recent OpenSolaris distributions. Extract the archive to the directory of your choice and run the “scilab” script located in the /bin directory to start Scilab. In case your installation of OpenSolaris/Solaris is non standard the principal external dependencies is a Java runtime.


Scilab 5.1.1 32 bits binary version for Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris

md5 : 0389c3ee67055da547e5c80380c8b662

Source code for this release can be found on the main Scilab website.

Previous releases

If needed, previous JBLopen releases can be found here.

Known issues

In general Scilab is pretty much usable in Solaris. That being said, Scilab for Solaris didn't get as much love as the other platforms. As such, usage might be a bit more hazardous.

Please be aware of the following issues :

  • OpenGL/Graphic issue : Scilab use OpenGL for all it's graphical rendering. In Solaris if your driver does not support OpenGL, Xorg will likely crash and restart upon trying to plot. You may try to use the mesa software OpenGL driver as a workaround. More information can be found here.
  • Mesa version 7.4 is required if using software rendering.
  • There is a bug in the test case for bug 649. This will cause Scilab to wait forever for the test to finish.
  • Version 1.6 of the Java Runtime Environment is recommended. Especially if you get keyboard input problems when using Scilab with X forwarding. (Fix reported by Gérard.)